State High Court to Hear 'Wooded Rapist' Appeal, 7 Others - Articles

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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Apr 23, 2012

The Tennessee Supreme Court has granted review in eight cases. One of the two criminal cases -- from Robert Jason Burdick, dubbed "the wooded rapist" -- involves the novel question of tolling the statute of limitations with a John Doe warrant coupled with a DNA profile of an unknown offender. The second criminal case addresses the scope of appellate review in sentencing decisions where there is no transcript of the underling guilty plea. The remaining cases are civil and concern the application of the 120-day medical malpractice act notice provision to the statute of limitations under the Tennessee governmental tort liability act, proof of causation in a wrongful death action, construction of a silent consent clause in an anti-assignment contract, the lack of an effective signature in the execution of will, a choice of law question between the Federal Arbitration Act and the Tennessee Uniform Arbitration Act, and a certified question addressing immigration enforcement. The Raybin-Perkey Hot List has the details