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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Apr 24, 2012

Nashville lawyer Bradley MacLean writes on behalf of his client, Abu Ali Abdur’Rahman, who is on Tennessee's death row. Pointing out that his original counsel, Lionel Barrett, himself has acknowledged his part in Abu Ali's conviction because he conducted no investigation and failed to present key evidence in his defense, MacLean is working to have the sentence changed from death to life in prison. He says what may be the last appeal has now been filed with the U.S.Supreme Court. MacLean and the late William Redick took over Abu Ali’s case in 1996. Federal Judge Todd J. Campbell had set aside the death sentence, to be overturned by the Sixth Circuit. Sixth Circuit Judge R. Guy Cole Jr., in his dissenting opinion, wrote that the “sentence of death resulted from a breakdown in the adversary process that renders the result unreliable.” Read it in the Tennessean