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Posted by: Lynn Pointer on Apr 4, 2013

Job Fair Dates - Friday and Saturday, August 23 - 24, 2013

• Job Fair Location - Tennessee Bar Center, 221 Fourth Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37219

• Student Classes Targeted - 2Ls and 3Ls from law schools in Tennessee and surrounding states

• Positions Available - Summer associate positions, clerkships throughout the academic year, and associate attorney positions

• Employers - Employers of all sizes from across Tennessee - including the private and public sector. See current list of participating employers.

• Other Activities to Compliment Interviews - TBA speakers will talk with students about various practice types and will also provide interview tips.  There will also be informal opportunities to learn more about employers between interviews.

• Participating Schools - All Tennessee law schools and law schools in states surrounding Tennessee are invited to participate.  We are updating our list of all confirmed schools as we receive their responses.

TBA Diversity Job Fair

The TBA Diversity Job Fair is an initiative of the Committee on Racial & Ethnic Diversity (CRED) of the Tennessee Bar Association. All information concerning this Job Fair is available through the links listed on the Diversity Job Fair home page. Please contact Lynn Pointer if you have further questions.