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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Jun 6, 2012

Thirty-one years ago this month, former Tennessee Gov. Ray Blanton was convicted of mail fraud, conspiracy and extortion for selling liquor licenses, which got him 22 months in a federal prison. Many of the players in that drama were lawyers. The Nashville Post looks at where some of them are now, including Blanton’s legal counsel T. Edward “Eddie” Sisk (selling mattresses in Nashville), then-U.S. Attorney Hal Hardin, and then-Deputy Attorney General William “Bill” Koch. The article is from an upcoming book by Keel Hunt, who was city editor of the Tennessean at that time. He recalls -- during what then-Lt. Gov. John Wilder famously called, “Impeachment, Tennessee style” -- how decisions were made and party lines faded into a cooperative effort to stabilize Tennessee politics.