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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Jun 18, 2012

Dear T.B.A. Juvenile & Children’s Law Section Member:

     This will be the final Newsletter from the Juvenile & Children’s Law Section for the 2011-2012 year.  It’s been a fine year for the section.   In addition to our full day CLE back in November, the section has sponsored webcasts on the process of juvenile transfer to adult court and preventing bullying of children in school. 

     As always, we value feedback from members.  If there’s a topic concerning juvenile justice that’s near and dear to your heart (and practice), let us know.  We’re always trying to find new ways to be more relevant to membership. 

     I hope you had the opportunity to attend the T.B.A.’s annual convention in Memphis in June.   If you’ve never been, I’d strongly encourage you to attend next year.  The convention is a terrific way to meet colleagues across the state and to network with those who practice in your area of the law and I’d love to see you there.     


Truly Yours,

Carl E. Seely 

2011-‘12 Juvenile and Children’s Law Chair