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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Jun 29, 2012

A lawsuit filed by 82-year-old Jewell Tinnon over the loss of her home and possessions in a conservatorship has been dropped following a dispute with her two attorneys. The suit, which was filed earlier this year in Circuit Court, had charged that her attorney in the conservatorship had acted against her wishes when all her possessions were auctioned off. Tinnon said Tuesday that the suit was dismissed after she refused to turn over her financial records for use in the suit. Rachel Odom, one of Tinnon’s lawyers, declined to comment, but Michael Hoskins, who was co-counsel on the case, said Tinnon “was refusing to cooperate with counsel. I’m not going to take a case where the client won’t take my advice.” Tinnon’s widely publicized case helped prompt the General Assembly to approve a new law requiring those seeking to place someone in a conservatorship to disclose their relationship to the proposed ward and whether he or she had a criminal record. Read more in the Tennessean