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Posted by: Jenny Jones on Jul 2, 2012



SECTION 1. NAME.  The name of this Association shall be LAWPAC, (a political action committee) a not-for-profit unincorporated association, hereinafter called the Committee.


SECTION 2. PRINCIPAL OFFICE. The principal office of the Committee shall be:  221 Fourth Avenue , N Suite 400, Nashville, Tennessee . 37219-2198


SECTION 3. PURPOSES. The purposes of the Committee are to promote good government and good citizenship through the personal and financial participation of its members in the elective process at state and local levels of government. The Committee is not affiliated with any political party but instead is organized and operated on a voluntary, non-partisan basis to protect, preserve and further constitutional institutions, judicial processes, and the advancement of the profession of law, by supporting measures submitted to a vote of the entire state which are in general agreement with these purposes, and by attempting to obtain the nomination or election of certain persons who are candidates for nomination or election to state or local elective office and who are believed to be in general agreement with these purposes.


SECTION 4. POWERS. The Committee is empowered to solicit and accept contributions, and to expend monies, in conformity with applicable laws and regulations, to further certain measures or candidacies, and to do such things as may be necessary or desirable to achieve the above purposes.




SECTION 1. MEMBERSHIP. Membership in the Committee is voluntary and every person licensed as an attorney-at-law in the State of Tennessee, or retired from the practice or teaching of law, shall be eligible for membership. Nothing herein shall constitute members of the Committee as partners for any purpose.


SECTION 2. MEETINGS. There shall be an annual meeting of the Committee at a time and place designated by the chair, for the transaction of business. Special meetings of the membership may be called with the approval of a majority of the Executive Committee.


SECTION 3. OFFICERS. (a) The Committee shall have a Chair, a Secretary/Treasurer, and such other officers as the Chair may appoint.


(b) The Chair shall be appointed by the President of the Tennessee Bar Association, preside at all meetings, and perform all duties incident tothe office.


(c) The Secretary/Treasurer shall be appointed by the Chair of the Committee, have charge and custody of all funds, and maintain accurate records of the date received and the amount of each contribution and the full address and telephone number of the contributor, of the amount of each expenditure and the name and full address of the person to whom or on whose behalf such expenditure was made, and the date and purpose thereof. The Secretary / Treasuer  shall prepare and file all reports required to be filed. and shall approve all expenditures.


(d) All officers shall hold office for a term of one year or until their successors have been appointed. No business of the Committee shall be conducted when the office of the Chair or Secretary/Treasurer is vacant.


SECTION 4. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President and the Secretary/Treasurer, and no fewer than three (3) members of the Committee appointed by the Chair, who shall serve until their successors are appointed.




SECTION 1. ULTIMATE DISPOSITION OF FUNDS. The PAC shall be organized and operated exclusively for the purposes stated herein. No part of its receipts shall inure to the pecuniary benefit of any member. In the event of dissolution all of the net assets shall be used or distributed exclusively within the intendment of the purposes stated herein.


SECTION 2. AMENDMENTS. These Articles may be amended by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Executive Committee, or by an affirmative vote of a majority of the members present and voting at any meeting of the membership.


As Amended and Adopted February 2005




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