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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Jul 5, 2012

I am genuinely honored to be the Chair of the Tennessee Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.  I became involved in the Section about four years ago and I must say, through that involvement, I have discovered what many of you may already know: TBA is a vibrant and dynamic forum for networking and professional development that bridges many diverse talents and perspectives. I intend to rely upon those talents and perspectives in the development of programs focusing on the following areas:


·      Skill Development.  I hope to continue promoting programs that develop the skills of mediators and arbitrators. More specifically, for mediators, the skills necessary to overcome obstacles - or avoiding them altogether - in order to help the parties resolve their differences;


·      Cutting Edge Information From Other Disciplines.  I intend to promote an understanding of neuroscience and psychological insights on how the mind works, and hopefully learn about the behaviors that nudge us ever-closer to settlement;


·      Drafting.  Drafting enforceable agreements has become an important skill for lawyers who advise clients regarding alternative dispute resolution.  I hope to have one program focus exclusively on the drafting of enforceable agreements.


·      Readings.  I intend to have our newsletter, among other matters, focus on insightful books about mediation and arbitration and share those books. 


·      Members.  It is also my objective to involve members in more activities and programs than ever before.  Once you become involved in the Section, I believe you will realize the incredible value that this organization has for you.


I want to express my gratitude to the TBA Staff for their talents and commitment to the Section. 


I also want to thank John Blankenship for his great leadership this past year!