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Posted by: Therese Byrne on Aug 7, 2014

Instructions for Participating in Admissions Ceremonies

In order to take part in the U.S. Supreme Court admission ceremonies, you must register for the program, and also compile the materials listed below and send them to the TBA. Do not contact the U.S. Supreme Court directly. The TBA will handle all processing with the U.S Supreme Court.

All of the materials must be received by the Tennessee Bar Association on or before Oct. 19 in order to meet U.S. Supreme Court admissions deadlines.

Follow these steps to ensure that you are registered for the program and that your admissions information is submitted to the TBA in a timely fashion.

1. Register and pay for your participation in the TBA Academy.

2. Download and fill out the U.S. Supreme Court Application for admission to practice and Bar Admission Instructions.
NOTE: You will need two sponsors who are currently admitted to the US Supreme Court. If you are unable to provide two sponsors, TBA can provide two signatures: TBA President Jason Long, and TBA Executive Director Allan Ramsaur.

3. Obtain Certificate of Good Standing from the Appellate Court Clerks Office
• To obtain this, use the form you can download from this page or call 615-253-1470.
• Obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing will cost $50
• Ask for a quick turnaround to meet the deadline

4. Mail these items to the TBA so that they arrive on or before Oct. 19. If you do not meet this deadline you will not be part of the admissions ceremony.

Tennessee Bar Association
ATTN: TBA Academy
221 Fourth Avenue, North, Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37219-2198