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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Aug 28, 2012

The Tennessee Supreme Court will soon address the hazards that the internet age has created in the justice system, specifically concerning a juror who sent a witness a Facebook message during a trial. The juror wrote that the witness "did a great job today” and “really explained things so great!” Another case the court will hear considers a remittitur where the jury awarded $43.8 million in damages and assessed 15 percent fault against Ford Motor Company. But the Court of Appeals remanded with a suggestion of remittitur to a total amount of $12.9 million (of which Ford remains only 15 percent liable). In another case, the court will revisit the corpus delicti rule to determine if this rule survived the new criminal code and how it should be interpreted. Read more about these cases and others coming before the court in the Raybin-Perky Hot List.