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Posted by: Lynn Pointer on Sep 20, 2012

The answer is “Absolutely!”  Did you know that over the past year, the TBA redesigned its website by, among other things, allowing for significantly more content on the various Sections’ home pages?  Check this out—go to the TBA’s website at, then click on “TBA Groups,” then “Sections,” then “Health Care Law Section” (or just insert this URL in your browser: ).  There you will find much current “Health Care Law News,” information about upcoming health care law educational programs, and information about the Section’s leadership.  Under the “Group Menu” at the top of the right hand side of the Section’s home page, you will also find, among other things, more information about the Section’s leadership, the Section’s Bylaws, and a listing of current Section members.  By signing in as a TBA member, you can upload a photo of yourself and update your professional information, so that this information will appear when someone looks you up under the “Membership” tab under the “Group Menu.”  Make a habit of regularly checking the Section’s home page to keep up with the latest health law news.