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Posted by: BPR Reports on Nov 1, 2012

Journal Issue Date: Nov 2012

Journal Name: November 2012 - Vol. 48, No. 11


The October 2012 issue of the Tennessee Bar Journal listed Sally Jo Helm of Knoxville as being suspended for failure to comply with continuing legal education requirements. Helm died in November 2011 and was inadvertently included on the list by the CLE Commission.


The following attorneys have been reinstated to the practice of law after complying with Supreme Court Rule 21, which requires mandatory continuing legal education:

Brentwood: John Andrew Barney, Roger Wayne Thomas
Chattanooga: Lorrie Dawn Miller, Matthew Alexander Salada
Collierville: Steven G. Roberts
Columbia: William Clark Barnes
Franklin: Van French, Shawn Patrick Sirgo
Hermitage: James Edward Zwickel
Jackson: Stephen Christopher Brooks, Albert Russell Larson
Johnson City: Stephen Howard Trent
Kingsport: Everett Hoge Mechem
Knoxville: Patricia Ann Greer, Raymond Andrew Shirley
Lenior City: Chad D. Wilson
Memphis: Charles Jeffrey Barnett, Stuart Brian Breakstone, Randall Kent Brooks, Darryl Wayne Humphrey, Elbert Jefferson Jr., Marti Lee Kaufman, Thomas H. Lawrence, Donnie Ray McFerren, John Patrick Sheahan Jr.
Murfreesboro: Michael Douglas Herrin
Nashville: Diana Cachaya, Hugh C. Howser Jr., Claire O’Brien King, Nathaniel Harris Koenig, Susan Gail Lindsey, Ivan Omar Lopez, Robert Alan Waterman
Rogersville: John Stephen Anderson
Seymour: Gregory Elias Bennett

Mark Andrew Bogdanowicz, Peoria, Ill.; Janie Garrett, Plano, Texas; George Zachary Goldberg, Plantation, Fla.; David Vance Oakes, Paducah, Ky.; Carl L. Sollee, Atlanta, Ga.; Thomas Darrell Weldon, Ringgold, Ga.; Stephanie Claire Williams, Culver City, Calif.; Alyse Dwyer Masserano, England

Keltie Hays Peay of Lexington, Va., has been reinstated to the practice of law after complying with Section 20 of Supreme Court Rule 9, which requires the payment of annual registration fees to the Board of Professional Responsibility. She had been suspended since 2009.

The following attorneys were reinstated to the practice of law after complying with Section 20 of Supreme Court Rule 9, which requires the payment of annual registration fees to the Board of Professional Responsibility, and Supreme Court Rule 43, which requires certification that a lawyer’s funds are held in an account participating in the Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) program:
Laura Elizabeth Metcalf, Knoxville; Carole Cleveland Peterson, Nashville; Elizabeth Gernert Sillay, Madison, Wis.; Joverne Allred Trotter, Nashville; Quenton I. White, Nashville

Clay Spencer Nails of Corinth, Miss., was reinstated to the practice of law after paying his professional privilege tax.


Disability Inactive
By order of the Tennessee Supreme Court, the licenses of the following lawyers were transferred to disability inactive status. These lawyers may not practice law while on inactive status. They may return to the practice of law after reinstatement by the court. To be reinstated, they must show by clear and convincing evidence that the disability has been removed and that he or she is fit to resume the practice of law.

John E. Acuff, Cookeville; James Wesley Hodges Sr., Memphis; Gail Ostby Mathes, Memphis; Cheryl Skidmore, Gallatin; William Preston Snyder, Knoxville


The Supreme Court of Tennessee temporarily suspended the law license of Alabama lawyer Lance William Parr on Sept. 12 for his failure to respond to a complaint of ethical misconduct. The suspension remains in effect until dissolution or modification by the Supreme Court.

The state Supreme Court temporarily suspended the law license of Rogersville attorney John Douglas Godbee on Sept. 14 after finding that he posed a threat of substantial harm to the public. Godbee had been reinstated to the practice of law on Feb. 28 subject to full compliance with his Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP) monitoring agreement. On Aug. 8, TLAP discharged Godbee from his monitoring agreement. This non-compliance with the February court order led to the current suspension. Godbee also was suspended on Aug. 6. That suspension has not yet been dissolved.

The Tennessee Supreme Court entered a judgment on Sept. 27, affirming the Hamilton County Chancery Court’s approval of a 45-day suspension of Fred T. Hanzelik originally imposed by the Board of Professional Responsibility. Hanzelik was suspended for attempting to bill a client twice for the same legal service, failing to act with reasonable diligence and promptness in representing a client, failing to adequately communicate with a client, charging an unreasonable fee, and failing to respond to inquiries from the board. His actions were determined to violate Rules of Professional Conduct 1.5, 1.3, 1.4, 3.2 and 8.1.

The Tennessee Supreme Court suspended Memphis lawyer Anthony Bernard Norris for five years on Oct. 8 for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. The court found that Norris, who has been suspended since 1995 for failing to comply with annual CLE requirements, assisted in the formation of the law firm of Bruce, Norris & Bass PLLC in 1998, and began serving as general counsel for Worldwide Label and Packaging LLC in 2000. The court found that these actions violated Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5(a). In addition to the suspension, the court ordered Norris to pay the costs of the disciplinary proceeding and set two conditions for any future reinstatement: (1) that he pay his Board of Professional Responsibility registration fees from 1996 to present, and (2) that he pay any professional taxes assessed by the Department of Revenue.

The Supreme Court of Tennessee summarily and temporarily suspended Knoxville lawyer Raymond Andrew Shirley Jr. on Sept. 27 after finding that he failed to respond to the Board of Professional Responsibility regarding a complaint of misconduct. The suspension remains in effect until dissolution or modification by the court. Shirley may for good cause request such action by petition.

The Tennessee Supreme Court disbarred Wilson County lawyer Gary Wayne Vandever on Oct. 1, retroactive to his Nov. 24, 2010, order of temporary suspension. Vandever consented to disbarment believing he could not successfully defend himself against charges that he had been convicted of three counts of theft of property over $60,000.00 due to the misappropriation of funds for his own use and benefit. The court found his actions to violate Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4(a), (b), (c) and (d). 

2012 Fee & IOLTA Suspensions

On Sept. 11, the Tennessee Supreme Court issued additional orders suspending Tennessee-licensed attorneys who did not pay their 2012 registration fee to the Board of Professional Responsibility and/or did not file a mandatory compliance statement that eligible client funds are held in accounts participating in the Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) program. Those who have complied with the rules since the orders were issued, and for whom notification of a status change was received from the Board of Professional Responsibility prior to press time, are noted as reinstated. For the most current information visit


Chattanooga: Dale Lane Buchanan (reinstated)
Franklin: Kimberly Ki Hollingshead (reinstated)
Knoxville: Emily Elizabeth Shultz
Memphis: Antonio Marcell Adams, Elizabeth M. Cooper, Randy Nelson Songstad (reinstated)
Murfreesboro: Darwin Keith Colston (reinstated)
Nashville: Christopher Allen Holt (reinstated),
Jeanne Chick Schuller

Alabama: Thomas Franklin Hayes (reinstated)
Georgia: James Christopher Davey (reinstated)
Illinois: Tamika Donnaricka Lynch
Louisiana: James Abner Barton III
Mississippi: Tacey Clark Locke (reinstated)


Chattanooga: Steve A. Bovell

Nevada: David Matthew Zaniel

Compiled by Stacey Shrader from information provided by the Board of Professional Responsibility of the Tennessee Supreme Court. Licensure and disciplinary notices are included in this publication as a member service. The official record of an attorney’s status is maintained by the board. Current information about a particular attorney may be found on the board’s website at