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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Dec 6, 2012

Dear T.B.A. Juvenile & Children’s Law Section Member:

         We are pleased you’ve expressed an interest in our area of the law by joining this section.   The Juvenile & Children’s Law Section addresses issues within the purview of the original jurisdiction of juvenile courts (e.g. delinquency and dependency & neglect) as well as those cases involving the concurrent jurisdiction of juvenile courts (e.g. custody, termination of parental rights, and the many issues involving children of unwed parents).   Each year there appear to be more attorneys with a passion for work in these areas.

         The Juvenile & Children’s Law Section enjoyed a busy year in 2011-12.  Continuing Legal Education presentations were sponsored or conducted by the section in such areas as general juvenile practice, issue-spotting in delinquency cases, the process of transfers to adult court, and bullying in educational settings.   Many of these are still available to members on-line on the T.B.A. website.   As a section member, you’d be eligible for significant discounts on those.

         This year we hope to offer more choices to enhance your knowledge of the law and to assist with the development of your practice skills.   Enjoy the newsletter, and we look forward to seeing you this year at one of our presentations!

Truly Yours,

Carl E. Seely 

Attorney at Law

2012-‘13 Juvenile and Children’s Law Chair