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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Apr 1, 2013

With the General Assembly racing towards its earliest finish in more than a decade, several legislative issues affecting lawyers -- including the fate of the Judicial Nominating Commision and the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission -- still remain to be resolved before the expected April 19 adjournment. The sunset extension of the Judicial Nominating Commission, which is in wind down mode and will go totally out of existence on June 30, has passed the House but still awaits Senate committee action. There will be no authority to fill vacancies on any trial or appellate bench after June 30 without legislative action. The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, which must make recommendations regarding retention of appellate judges in the run up to the August 2014 election, also faces sunset on June 30. It will then have a year to wind down its business before going out of existence in June 2014. See a roundup of other legislative issues under the General Assembly category at right.