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Posted by: Brittany Sims on Apr 9, 2013

A bill that would create a loophole so compounding companies from all states could bypass patient-specific prescription requirements during drug shortages is being neither endorsed nor opposed by the Tennessee Health Department, the Tennessean reports. The proposal, which passed the Senate last week, would allow health care providers to obtain compounded drugs without having to identify a patient in cases where a product “is not commercially available.” The state’s chief medical officer Dr. David Reagan said the agency recognizes the difficulty of balancing measures to prevent another fungal meningitis outbreak with efforts to ease drug shortages. “You’ve got competing priorities here,” Reagan said. “You have an unprecedented number of drug shortages in this country and in this state. It is really difficult to understand how pervasive this has become. It is a real need and a real issue that is occurring at the same time as this other real need and issue about the sterility and safety of these compounded products.” The House has yet to schedule a vote.