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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Apr 11, 2013

An article in today’s Memphis Daily News looks at the career of Shelby County’s new probate judge Kathleen Gomes, who was appointed April 1 to replace retiring Probate Court Judge Robert Benham. Gomes says the recent appointment was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Though she worked for a number of elected officials and explored a career in entertainment law, Gomes finally settled into a probate practice at Peppel, Gomes & MacIntosh. She says probate law goes back to the root of why she became a lawyer. “In Probate Court you really do get to help people. It’s one of the few areas of the law … that you can sit back and finish the day and know that you helped someone.” Gomes says she will run next year when the position, an eight-year term, comes up again for a vote.