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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Apr 12, 2013

Dear Colleague:

Congratulations on joining the practice of law in Tennessee! This is an important milestone and an achievement of which you should be proud. I look forward to joining you at the Tennessee Supreme Court admission ceremony in Nashville. If you like, I can introduce you to the Court on behalf of your colleagues.

As you begin your new legal career, I want to make you aware of the opportunities and benefits of membership in the Tennessee Bar Association. The mission and work of the TBA for more than a century has been to enhance the reputation of the profession and to advance the interests of our members. A voluntary association, the TBA represents the entire spectrum of the legal community, from plaintiff and defense attorneys to judges, government and legal services attorneys, corporate counsel and a number of attorneys residing outside the state who retain an interest in the Tennessee legal profession.

When you join the TBA, you will automatically become a member of the Young Lawyers Division (TBA YLD). There is no better way to meet and enjoy the company of other young lawyers across the state and to begin to establish the vital relationships that will be of great benefit throughout your career. I urge you to become active in our Young Lawyers Division. The TBA YLD organizes the Tennessee State High School Mock Trial Competition, law-related education projects and numerous other public service activities. The YLD also strives to create and improve membership benefits such as continuing legal education seminars.

Once again, congratulations and welcome to the practice of law in Tennessee.


Jackie Dixon
TBA President

The following is a list of applicants who were successful on the February 2013 Tennessee Bar Examination. Successful completion of the bar examination does not mean that all licensing requirements have been met. No license will be issued until an applicant has completed all requirements for licensing, including but not limited to, the character and fitness interview and MPRE.

 If you are eligible to be licensed you will receive a “Welcome Email” from the Board of Professional Responsibility in the next few days regarding the next steps in the licensing process.

Letters will be mailed to all successful applicants. Please wait until you get your letter and read it carefully before contacting this office with questions. 

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Mari  Aoyagi

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Sara Elizabeth Barker
Brittany Michelle Bartkowiak
Jacquelyn  Scott Beckman
Christopher M Bellamy
Walter Edward Biggs
Kristy Carr Blake
Colby Faith Block
Andrew Michael Bonderud
Todd Andrew Denny Booher
Thomas Joseph Boylan
Diana Lee Bradford
Robert Barrett Bragdon
Thallen Janiece Brassel
Robert Oliver Bratcher
Christian Thomas Brundell
Kyle David Buffolino
Andrew David Burcham
Emily Anne Burrows
Marc David Bussone
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Lauren Dunavin Callins
Karen Keel Campbell
Teresa Brewer Campbell
Eleanor Grams Carr
Tomasi John Casagrande
Qiletha Timone Caston
Bret Jacob Chaness
Oliver Earl Clark Jr.
Rachel Elizabeth Cohen
Katie Allison Compton
Matthew Malloy Conrad
Mary Elizabeth Corbin
Julie  Cornell
Russell Jackson Cornell
Emily Lauren Crafton
Robert Edward Crandall Iii
Justin Lee Crouch
Michael Anthony Cunningham Jr.
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Srijita  Dasgupta
Benjamin William Davis
Eva Theresa De Angelis
John Charles Delorimier
Cayce Elizabeth Dempsey
Brittani Bright Dial
Tracy Lee Dore
Nichole Rae Dusche
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Rosana Marie Escobar

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Maria Christine Faconti
Joseph (Jody) Johnson Faison Iii
Ronald Larry Fantroy Jr.
Kathleen Anne Faulk
Jacob Avi Feiner
Douglas Ryan Finnan
Kiel Andrew Fisher
Joseph Matthew Fletcher
Curtis John Fockele
Jamie Lynn Formont
Benjamin Phillips Fortner
Michael Ryan Franz
Anastasiya  Fugett
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Erik Justin Gaines
Lisa Ashley Gaither
Katherine  Garretto
Elizabeth Maria Gedmark
Jing  Geng
David Glenn Goodman
Matthew Jason Grosland
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Cynthia Dawn Hagenbuch
Whitney Lauren Haley
Anne Warner Hamann
Jonathan Roy Hamby
Carolyn Roberts Hamilton
Paetria Patrice Hampton
Nicholas Scott Hargreaves
Nakeshia Arness Hawkins
Mark Crider Hazlewood
Hayley Denise Henry
Karen Leigh Henson
April Finn Holland
Ashley Jordan Russell Holt
Michael James Holtz
John Thomas Quinton Horner
Alexandra Marie Huber
Jarrod Peter Huddleston
John Michael Hull
Joelle Lucia-Rose Hupp
Thomas Mahlon Hutto
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Lisa Ballast Jarman
Margaret Lane Johnson
Mark Anthony Johnson
Jennifer Elizabeth Jones
Travis Benson Jones
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Teia Moore Kelly
Caroline Walters Kirk
Christopher Ryan Knight
Michelle Rose Koehly
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John Christopher Larkin

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Bruce Alexander Macleod Jr.
Mary  Elizabeth Mangum
Ana Lucia Marquez
Jonathan Lynn Martin
Maegan Carr Martin
Brett Nathaniel Mayes
Joseph Patrick Mccarthy
Camille Deborah Mckinley
Michelle  Meulke
Emil Melchior Mikkelsen
Robert William Miller
Cristina Lynn Minter
John Thomas Mishler
Adrienne Michelle Miskel
Cynthia Anne Mobley
Eric John Montierth
Adrienne Louise Starling Moore
Chase Aubry Moore
Carrie Melissa Motes
Janina Alexandra Muller
Grant Coleman Mullins
Laura Podd Murray
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Sydney Rae Nash
Daniel Huth Nirdlinger
Monica  Renee Nixon
Gregory Stewart Nolan
Daniel Morton Novick

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Kelly Lee Padgett
Julie Wade Palmer
Terry Mitchell Panter
Whitney Gage Patton
Bradley David Pesterfield
Brian Allan Pierce
Ryan Thomas Polczynski
Patrick  Poole
Allison Sheri Porter
Andrew Lee Power
Sheila Bryan Proffitt

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Whitney Henderson Raque
David Allen Ratton
Joseph Anthony Reardon
Jill Nicole Reighard
John Towers Rice
Atina Tewfik Elias Rizk
John Saffell Roberts
Brice Johnson Rochelle
Kathleen  A Roth

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Loren Amanda Sanderson
Joanna Lauren Satcher
Ashley Nicole Schuerman
Christopher Alan Scott
Theresa  Scott
Timothy Jude Shalvey
Natalie Rowan Sharp
Julia Marie Shaver
William Garrigues Shields
William Anthony Slater
Christopher Daniel Snead
Alexis Irene Snyder
George Dimitrious Spanos
Brittany Renee Stancombe
Amy Michelle Stansell
Grant Everett Starrett
Jennifer Renee Steiert
Margaret Sarah Stephens
Mclean Austin Stohler
Kathryn Carlyle Summers-O'rourke
Megan Anne Swain

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Sandra Lynn Talbott
Manzurakhon K Talipova
Lilas Liliane Taslimi
Andrew Preston Taylor
Jessica Brooke Taylor
Courtney Alandra Teasley
Adrianne Grimm Thompson
Travis Rayburn Thompson
Brandi Nicole Thrailkill
Kevin John Tonkin

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Jenny Ruth Villalobos

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Shirley Kohsin Wang
Jesse David Waterman
Rachel  Naomi Watson
Jackson Boyd Whetsel
Leigh  Wilburn
Albert Vincent Wilcox Jr.
Crystal Dawn Wilkerson
Jared Andrew Williams
Lisa Kline Williams
Mark Randall Wilson
Michele Lee Wojciechowski
Lauren Makowsky Wolfe
David Wayne Wyatt
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Eric James Yetter
Elizabeth Patrick Young
Peter Matthew Zettersten
John-Mark  Zini
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Jackie Dixon

TBA President
Jackie Dixon


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