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Posted by: Kelly Stosik on Jan 1, 2013

Journal Issue Date: Jan 2013

Journal Name: January 2013 - Vol. 49, No. 1

First of all, I just love your new column! It’s so fresh and fun! One of my new year’s resolutions is to be more fun, but in this economy I’m about as much fun as looking at a big Excel spreadsheet on a tiny iPhone screen. Do you have any suggestions?
Barrel of Laughs - NOT

Buck up! If it’s the economy that has you down, here’s a big-ticket item your membership can handle for you … online legal research! How much are you and your firm spending on this? Your TBA membership offers Fastcase for FREE! Don’t know about Fastcase? Nervous about making a change? Try it for a while and compare. You already have it! Just log into TBA.ORG, select ‘Member Benefits’, ‘Fastcase’ and then ‘Use Fastcase Now’. If you are logged into TBA.ORG you will go directly to the ‘Quick Caselaw Search’ page. Check it out, make the change, and be more fun!

I am a modern, technologically savvy, in-the-know kind of attorney and I have been hearing a lot lately about being searchable online, how to rank high on search engines and link-popularity. Can you tell what all this means to my practice, if it’s important and how I can get some?
Savvy & In-the-Know

Yes! We know all about these Internet marketing terms, and we keep on top of them so that you don’t have too! Did you know the TBA provides an online attorney directory, searchable through any search engine? We do, and it maintains high search rank and link-popularity because of the great number of daily hits and the quality of sites linked to TBA.ORG.

This means that your TBA profile, including picture and bio, will be listed high in search results for your name. Go to Google and try it! If you have a common name, you should add attorney or Tennessee to your search. This is excellent visibility for you and your practice. Be sure to keep your TBA profile up to date so that potential clients are getting accurate information and know how to reach you!

To ask the TBA Membership Maven a question please email or her alter-ego, Kelly Stosik, the Tennessee Bar Association’s membership director.