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Posted by: Letters of the Law on Aug 1, 2013

Journal Issue Date: Aug 2013

Journal Name: August 2013 - Vol. 49, No. 8

Thanks, Mr. Armstrong!

Attorney Ralph Armstrong (Chattanooga, age 83) passed away and his memorial service was held [June 14]. I was a paralegal for another attorney and he was an avid reader of the Tennessee Bar Association magazine. He introduced the magazine to me and we once discussed the article on whether or not a dying statement was admissible in court. Even though he didn’t really practice law by the time I met him we had many wonderful conversations about the law, and he taught me the art of taking a witness statement. So the magazine is read by people that enjoy it, and the information is passed on to non-lawyers who want to learn something new. Thanks in memory of Ralph.

— Laura L. Mott

Did He Tie the Knot or Not?

[This is in response to our question of Mr. Richard R. Ruth Jr., after he wrote to thank TBJ columnist Monica Franklin for her help with a legal late-life love issue.]

The answer is yes, on April 22 in a small Anglican church in Franklin.  Living  happily in Brentwood with my bride. You will not find two happier old people. Williamson County is a wonderful place to live. 

— Richard R. Ruth Jr., Senior Counselor and Pro Bono Attorney Emeritus

More Praise for ‘Senior Moments’

[This letter was written to TBJ columnist Monica Franklin.]

I just read your excellent article on powers of attorney in the Tennessee Bar Journal (“Punch Up Your Power of Attorney,” by Monica Franklin. Thanks for writing that very helpful article. Many lawyers and their clients — including me and mine — will benefit from your helpful hints.

— Joe Judkins, Oak Ridge