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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Jul 24, 2013

President’s Corner
By David McDowell

Welcome to the new bar year! As the newly installed YLD president I am honored to outline my goals for the year and encourage you to get involved. Read the full article here (link to article page)

Digging In (or some other catchy title for the standing legal article)
Alternatives to Revocation of Judicial Diversion
By Wade V. Davies

What happens when a defendant who is on judicial diversion violates the terms of the diversion agreement? Off to prison to serve the original sentence? Not necessarily. The trial court retains considerable discretion in forming a remedy.

Tennessee statutes provide for probation and even judicial diversion for worthy defendants. The diversion statute allows defendants the possibility of having their cases dismissed and records expunged upon the successful completion of a term of probation. Judicial diversion allows a qualified, deserving defendant the opportunity to complete probation and to get the case dismissed and expunged — in effect a clean slate.

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Practice Tips (come up with a catchy title for the standing practice tips article)
How to Use Linked In to Get Clients
By John Smith

You have mastered social media in your personal life posting to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram but have you considered how these tools help you in the workplace? In a series of columns for the technology feature, John Smith will look at how social media can be used to network, get exposure for your practice and get new business. This issue of the Tennessee Young Lawyer focuses on using Linked In for these tasks.

Read the full article here (link to article page)

Technology (come up with a catchy title for the standing technology article)
Introducing the New Pebble Watch
By John Jones

Don't want to check your phone or iPad during a meeting but can't miss an important call? The new Pebble may just be the answer to your dilemmna.

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Member Benefit Feature (come up with a catchy title for the member benefit feature)
TBA Has the Answer to Your Malpractice Insurance Questions

Protecting your practice and your family from an unexpected loss is a priority for many TBA members and The Bar Plan lawyers professional insurance program endorsed by the Tennessee Bar Association meets that need. The Bar Plan program provides TBA members with the most comprehensive and fairly priced professional liability coverage available.

Read the full article here (link to article page)

Law School Feature (come up with a catchy title for the law school feature)
Duncan School of Law Graduates 1st Class
By Jane Doe

The Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law has graduated its first class of future lawyers. The group of 53 who started the school's part time program in 2009 face a tough legal market compounded by the school's failure to acheive ABA accreditation.

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Face of the Young Lawyer: Rachel Moses
New YLD Vice President Known for Public Service Spirit

By Phil Hatch

What legacy will you have as an attorney? Better yet, what reputation do you have now as a young lawyer? Over the course of the last three years I have had the opportunity to serve with an individual who, in my opinion, epitomizes the essence of the Young Lawyer. The bylaws of the TBA YLD provide guidance to what the “purpose” of our division is and in turn what we as members should strive to follow. Those basic principles are: (1) to serve the profession and the public through activities and programs, (2) sponsor and carry on activities of particular interest and value to young and new attorneys, (3) coordinate activities of the various young lawyer groups in Tennessee, (4) work as a part of the Tennessee Bar Association and (5) cooperate with and assist the various bar associations in Tennessee. Over the last three years I have seen Rachel Moses consistently and successfully address each and every one on those principles.

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YLD in the Community
Young Lawyers Serve 2,000 Through Wills for Heroes

By John James

The TBA YLD launched the Wills for Heroes program in 2008 under the leadership of then YLD President Michelle Sellers. Over the last six years, Tennesses lawyers have provided wills, powers of attorney and other end-of-life documents for 2,000 first responders. Considering 5,000 first responders have been served nationwide, the reach of Tennessee's program is astonishing.

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Barely Legal
By Lee Bowles

While traditional costumes like witches, pirates and cats remain favorites, 574,000 adults said they plan to dress up as a political figure.  That excitement should carry over to the polls as Americans will be exercising their civic duty by voting on November 6th. Nope. Here in America we suffer from voter apathy. Or do we?

I simply do not accept the premise that Americans are apathetic. The first Tuesday in November just isn’t a great time for me.

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