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Posted by: Brittany Sims on Jul 26, 2013

Pro athletes say they are ready to go to court over Tennessee’s tax on hockey and basketball players, Nashville Public Radio reports. At a hearing Thursday, lawmakers listened to arguments for and against repealing the state’s so-called “jock tax,” which is the highest in the nation by most measures. Twenty states tax professional athlete salaries, but most use a percentage. Tennessee’s levy is a straight fee – $2,500 per game with a cap of $7,500. That goes for both home and visiting teams. According to the NHL Players Association, 43 percent of athletes don’t even make $2,500 per game. The money has effectively gone to the respective team ownership groups, which have management organizations to run their city-owned arenas. The funding is supposed to go toward attracting concerts to the facilities through subsidies, though lawmakers note there is very little public accountability for how the money gets spent.