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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Jul 31, 2013

2019-2020 Committee Leadership

Young Lawyers Division Committees


The continuing legal education committee will be responsible for planning the YLD’s CLE catalogue. To date this year, the committee has produced 25 hours of CLE directly targeted to young lawyers across the state. The committee will be responsible for planning programs—both in person and internet-based—throughout the year and geographically across the state. Additionally, the chair will be responsible for collaborating with the TBA to ensure that the TBA’s CLE programming remains pertinent to young lawyers.
Erica Marino, Chair
Henry & McCord
506 Carter Blake Road
Tullahoma, TN 37388
(615) 653-5576
Committee Includes: James Cobb, Chandler Lawson, Jennie Silk, Patrick Huston, and Elizabeth Wolfe. 


The  Member Services Committee will oversee the Division’s programs to serve and recruit members, including law school members. They will plan events throughout the state that are designed to educate young lawyers about the TBA and the benefits of membership. Further, the chair will coordinate events with Tennessee law schools to recruit law student members. An effective chair will plan a variety of membership events during the year that target diverse groups and areas across Tennessee.
The member services committee will assist in establishing programs focused on health and wellness for members in conjunction with the health and wellness coordinator. 
The chair will also oversee the new attorney liaison and his/her efforts to provide resources to newly admitted members of the bar. Additionally, they will work with the disaster relief coordinator to develop disaster contingency plans focused on assisting attorneys whose practice has been impacted by a disaster.
Charles Ferguson, Chair
State of Tennessee
404 James Robertson Pkwy. Suite 1900
Nashville, TN 37219
Committee includes: Cherrelle Hooper, Anne Weier, Sam Wantland, Cole Rogers, Kent Francis, Patricia Bredlau, Bevin Lyle, John Carreras, Zack Smith


The Mock Trial Committee oversees the high school mock trial program, in which teams of students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a hypothetical trial. The committee hosts the state competition and recruits volunteers to serve as coaches, jurors, scorers and bailiffs.

Kati Sanford Goodner, Chair 
Lewis, Thomason, King, Krieg & Waldrop, PC
P.O. Box 2425
Knoxville, TN 37901 


The Mock Trial Committee Long Range Planning Committee oversees the long-term operations of the mock trial competition, including procedural and rules changes and redistricting.

Rob Sands, Chair
Dix and Associates, PLLC
805 S Church Street, Suite 18
Murfreesboro, TN
Committee includes:
Kati Goodner, Mock Trial Committee Chair
Josh Dougan, Zack Walden, John Jolly, Ashley Waddle, Michell Raines.


The Public Policy Committee is responsible for monitoring and reporting to the YLD Board public policy matters and bar association governance issues that are of interest and concern to the legal profession, young lawyers, candidates for admission to the Tennessee Bar, or law students. The committee should be prepared to collaborate with other committee members to generate accessible information about these bodies’ work to distribute through the Division’s publications. The committee should be familiar with the policy-making and advocacy functions, practices, and procedures of the TBA, the TBA YLD, the ABA, and the ABA YLD, as well as the rule amendment process followed by the Supreme Court of Tennessee. The committee shall give a public policy report at each meeting of the TBA YLD Board and, when appropriate, may make announcements to the Division through any TBA YLD publication.

The chair will also serve as a liaison to the TBA on matters related to public policy, including legislation. The chair should stay abreast of activity in the Tennessee general assembly and other Tennessee-relevant legislative bodies, and should further work to keep members of the Division informed of legislative initiatives. Furthermore, the chair will work with members of the Division to assist in developing YLD initiatives into broader policy.
Josh Dougan, Chair
Committee includes: young lawyer delegates to the Tennessee Bar Association House of Delegates and the young lawyer delegate to the American Bar Association House of Delegates.


The Diversity Committee is responsible for developing diversity initiatives to effectuate the Division’s Long Range Plan and Diversity Plan. The committee will be responsible for preparing, disseminating, and collecting the 2020 Diversity Survey and Statewide Lawyer Survey. The committee will also be asked to convene a task force during the 2019–2020 bar year to examine attrition rates in the practice, which are disproportionately higher among minority lawyers. This task force will be asked to generate an action plan to be included as an amendment to the Division’s Diversity Plan.

Anthony Adewumi, Co-Chair 


Ariel Anthony, Co-Chair


Committee includes: Ahsaki Baptist, Terica Smith, Troy Weston, Billy Leslie and All Invited Guests. 


The Long Range Planning Committee is responsible for developing and amending the division’s long range plan, which sets out the goals and objectives for the YLD for the next five years. The committee is chaired by the current YLD vice president.

Jason Hicks, Vice President
Moore, Rader, Fitzpatrick & York, PC
26 North Jefferson Ave. 
Cookeville, TN

Committee includes:
President Troy Weston 
President-Elect Terica Smith
Treasurer Justin Fait
East Tennessee Member: Brittany Thomas Faith 
West Tennessee Member: Josh Dougan
Middle Tennessee Member: Nina Kumar


 The Publications Committee produces educational publications, including The TN Young Lawyer bi-monthly e-newsletter. The committee also focuses on communications products designed to keep YLD members informed of on-going projects and up-coming news through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. 

Allyson Lumpkin, Publications Chair 
Committee includes: Troy Weston, Darius Walker, Patrick Morrison, Joseph Kwon, Robyn Lee, Samuel Henninger.