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Posted by: Brittany Sims on Aug 1, 2013

The nonprofit organization Law School Transparency has unveiled a new “LST Certification Program” for law schools that are grappling with the ABA’s new rules governing the reporting of job-placement statistics. LST, which helped push the ABA into beefing up the consumer information law schools must report each year, said it would review a law school’s marketing materials to ensure that the job placement statistics provided comply with the ABA’s rules and adhere to LST’s own best practices. It promises “compelling graphics that appeal to today’s applicants” and to bestow an “LST Certified” mark for schools’ promotional materials—evidence to prospective students, alumni and others that they are “open, honest, and fair.” LST was founded in 2009 by a student at Vanderbilt University Law School. The National Law Journal has the story.