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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Aug 5, 2013

Effort will focus on recruiting volunteer lawyers to handle pro bono cases

Made it back from combat in Afghanistan. Facing a new battle at home.

Since 9/11, many of those deployed have been National Guard or Reserve component service members. They leave behind jobs, families, friends and civilian life to face the stress of combat, long deployments, and painful reintroductions to everyday life.

Coming home can mean facing difficult changes, reemployment and financial challenges, stressful family conditions, and in many cases legal issues that developed while on deployment. Help them face their legal battles at home.

Become a part of The Tennessee Bar Association's statewide effort to make military legal assistance more accessible.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Represent - Provide pro bono legal representation
  • Advise - Listen and offer direction and advice on legal issues
  • Educate - Present an educational workshop at a Yellow Ribbon, Drill Weekend or other event

Please help make military legal assistance available throughout the state.

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The Military Legal Assistance Campaign is focused on identifying and training volunteers who can assist families while a servicemember is deployed, and help servicemembers when they return from duty. Through its Access to Justice Committee, the TBA is recruiting lawyers to provide assistance to Tennessee servicemembers and veterans.

The U.S. Army estimates that thousands of Tennesseans currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan will be returning home over the next 17 months. Unfortunately, many of them will experience difficulties reintegrating into local communities and adjusting to daily life. Some will face legal issues such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce and child custody. Others will face challenges with reemployment and dealing with the stress of combat and long deployments.

Lawyers interested in volunteering may sign up online at http://militarylegalsupport.com. Once registered, volunteers will have access to free online educational materials on topics such as military culture and family law.

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