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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Aug 15, 2013

The following information is provided to assist members of the 2013-2014 YLD Board in their service this year. This is a private page. You must be designated as a member of the group and be logged into your TBA account to access the content posted here. If you have any questions about the material posted here or your position on the board, please do not hesistate to contact YLD Director Stacey Shrader Joslin at (615) 714-3195.

P.P. Program

David McDowell is paying for press! During the 2013-2014 bar year, YLD President David McDowell is encouraging and recognizing efforts to get press coverage of YLD events, activities and projects. Projects eligible for consideration include but are not limited to CLEs, Wills for Heroes clinics and library OTJ/LIFT education efforts.

Eligibility for Program
To be eligible to be considered for the P.P. Program, board members should complete the following six requirements:

1. Register as an attorney on www.OnlineTNJustice.org; AND

2. Complete one or more of the following pro bono activities:
a. Take on a pro bono case from any legal aid office;
b. Answer questions from at least 5 different clients on www.OnlineTNJustice.org; or
c. Volunteer at any pro bono clinic and spend at least 5 hours advising clients; AND

3. Complete the BPR Pro Bono Form contained in Rule 9, Section 20.11 of the Tennessee Supreme Court Rules. File it with the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility when you file your annual fee and send a copy to the TBA as part of the P.P. Reporting Form; AND

4. Complete the tasks required given your position on the TBA YLD Board; AND

5. Obtain great press coverage of the activity. Make sure that the Tennessee Bar Association, and preferably the TBA Young Lawyers Division, is mentioned in the press coverage. AND

6. Submit the P.P. Reporting Form with copies of press coverage and the BPR Pro Bono Form attached.

Determination of Winners
At the end of the bar year, David McDowell will review all tasks, programs and events submitted for consideration and recognize at least four that best represent the activities of the YLD Board and Tennessee attorneys. Each winning project will receive a personal contribution from David and his wife Wendy to the charity of the submitting board member’s or members’ choosing. Multiple board members may join in on one task/project. However, each board member must complete the six requirements outlined in the eligibility section. The awards will be as follows:

  • The First Place project will receive a $500 donation
  • The Second Place project will receive a $300 donation
  • The Third Place project will receive a $200 donation
  • The Fourth Place project will receive a $100 donation

Please David know if you have any questions. This is the first time the YLD has ever done anything like this so there may be kinks!



Members of the YLD leadership, including officers, governors, district representatives, committee chairs, affiliate representatives and invited guests are listed online here.

A description of each committee and a list of its members is available here.


View a list and summary of the YLD's current programs

Access the current and archived issues of E-DICT and Tennessee Young Lawyer
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Access YLD publications, including the Long Range Plan, Diversity Plan and Disaster Assistance Manual

See a list of all YLD members

Get other resources, including a reimbursement form

Board Book

The following documents are contained in this year's hard copy board book. Information that has been updated since the books were distributed in June is noted as such.

Table of ContentsTab 7Tab 11
Tab 1Election GuidelinesYLD Fellows Members
Meeting ScheduleYLD Nominating PetitionYLD Fellows Bylaws
Tab 2TBA Nominating PetitionNomination Process
OfficersTab 8Leech Award Recipients
Elected/Non-Voting Board MembersAnnual ProjectsTab 12
Appointed Board MembersLong Range PlanPast TBA Presidents
Organizational ChartDiversity PlanTBA Section & Committee Chairs
Tab 3Action Plan-District Rep.TBA House of Delegates
District RepresentativesAction Plan-CommitteeTab 13
District MapTab 9TBA Staff List
Tab 4YLD Mission StatementTab 14
Affiliate Board MembersYLD BylawsTBA Bylaws
Invited GuestsTab 10Addendum
Tab 5Past YLD PresidentsTab 15
Committee AssignmentsPresident's AwardYLD Reimbursement Form
Executive Committee LiaisonsPublic Service AwardYLD Reimbursement Policy
Tab 6Publication Award 
DirectoryStars of the Quarter