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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Oct 1, 2013

Journal Issue Date: Oct 2013

Journal Name: October 2013 - Vol. 49, No. 10

Last month, The Law Launch Project began following 15 members of the Class of 2014 as they wrap up law school and prepare to be lawyers. Let’s check in on what they’re saying. Read more at http://tbalawlaunch.wordpress.com

I am both excited and relieved about the future.

Knowing what I am passionate about makes the future an exciting adventure instead of a daunting task.

“Why did you go to law school with all the changes going on in the legal world?”
What some are really asking, but being too polite to say directly, is
“You do realize that you picked a bad time to be a lawyer, don’t you?”

For me and many of my peers in this legal market, third year of law school is your last chance
to prove that you won’t just be another suit further oversaturating the profession.

Imagine going from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. That’s what the first week of law school feels like.

I have seen many instances where Social Work and the law have complemented each other.
My courses in Social Work were never detours; they have enriched my dream to be an advocate.

My path through law school was not exactly what I expected, but I am thrilled with where it leads.

“There are too many lawyers in the world, but there’s always room for another good one.”
That statement helped me realize that even though the naysayers
of our profession preach its imminent demise, there is, as in any profession,
always room for another good one.

Encore career: In my previous life, I was a used car salesman. Now, I’m going to be a lawyer.
Depending on whom you ask, I’m either improving my lot in life or taking a step backwards.
Either way, I am embarking on a new chapter. Life is messy and law school is no exception.

Maybe one day when the scars have healed from law school, I will enjoy reading again.

Helping others, as I quickly realized, was my true purpose for going to law school.
I need to be in a position where I can help others. Law can do that.

I don’t question the reality which is that the legal landscape is shifting … no, strike that,
the legal landscape has shifted and is about to flip on its side.

I?cannot wait for what the job market has to offer. I?plan to open my own law practice.