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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Nov 25, 2013

Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Gary Wade says he does not believe politics was involved in the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission’s tentative recommendation against new terms for three appellate court judges and wants to make sure no one thinks he is injecting politics into the mix, Humphrey on the Hill writes in a blog post today. As previously reported, Wade defended three judges set to receive negative recommendations, saying they have done “quality work” and deserve new terms. Since initially making those comments, Wade says he and Charles Susano Jr. -- who spoke out in support of one of the three -- have been accused of “injecting politics” into the situation. “Neither Charlie nor I believe this is a partisan issue,” he said. “We know there was some rational basis for each of the decisions [the members of the commission] made...I have never seen a commission more prepared than this one was for making its recommendations...They have done a very difficult job in a relatively short period of time.”