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Posted by: Karen Belcher on Jan 24, 2014

The following are appellate court judges face a retention vote in the August 2014 general election. Candidates whose names are in color have signed the Tennessee Fair Judicial Campaign Code of Conduct, which is designed to maintain the highest standards of discourse. Appellate court justices do not run against other candidates, but face a retention vote. Those who are not running for retention are marked with an asterisk (*) following their names.

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission has also reviewed the candidates and made recommendations for retention.

If you see errors or omissions, please contact TBA staff member Karen Belcher.

Listings for other courts: • Trial CourtsCourts of Limited Jurisdiction

Appellate Court Judges

Tennessee Supreme Court Justices and Candidates

• Cornelia A. Clark
• Janice Holder*
• William C. Koch Jr.*
• Sharon G. Lee
• Gary R. Wade

Court of Appeals, Eastern Section

Thomas R. Frierson II
John Wesley McClarty
Charles D. Susano
D. Michael Swiney

Court of Appeals, Middle Section

Andy D. Bennett
Frank G. Clement
Richard H. Dinkins
Neal McBrayer

Court of Appeals, Western Section

• David R. Farmer*
• Holly M. Kirby
• J. Steven Stafford

Court of Criminal Appeals, Eastern Section

• Norma McGee Ogle
D. Kelly Thomas
James Curwood Witt

Court of Criminal Appeals, Middle Section

• Jeffrey S. Bivins
• Jerry L. Smith*
• Robert W. Wedemeyer
• Thomas T. Woodall

Court of Criminal Appeals, Western Section

• Alan E. Glenn
• Camille R. McMullen
• Roger A. Page
• John Everett Williams

* Not seeking retention