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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Feb 14, 2014

Information and Forms for Teams Qualifying for State

NEW! Download the final bracket of wins and losses during the first four preliminary rounds of the 2014 state competition. Any questions about interpreting the document should be directed to Mock Trial Chair Josh Dougan.

See a wrapup of the state competition with photos from the award ceremony and team rankings or see scenes from the competition and the championship round.

Congratulations on your district competition success! We look forward to welcoming you to Nashville on March 14-15 for the 34th Annual Tennessee State High School Mock Trial Competition. Below you will find general information as well as the forms required to register for the competition.

Please direct any questions about the forms to TBA staff member Stacey Shrader Joslin at (615) 383-7421. Questions about competition rules or the case should be directed to Mock Trial Chair Josh Dougan or Vice Chair Will Holloway (contact information provided on the right).

Mock trial participants will stay overnight at the Doubletree Hotel, located at 315 Fourth Ave. N. in downtown Nashville. Each team will be provided four hotel rooms for Friday night, March 14, at no charge. The TBA will make the reservations and pay the hotel directly for these four rooms. Teams will note who should stay in these rooms on the form Team Registration Part 1. For friends and family of competitors, the hotel is completely sold out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Those needing additional rooms are encouraged to check with other area hotels.

Often the Mock Trial Committee releases supplemental materials for use at the state mock trial competition. This year, the committee has decided that due to the complexity of the 2014 problem, NO additional witness parts or exhibits will be added. The committee has, however, decided to make a small number of minor changes to the existing problem. Teams advancing to the state competition MUST obtain and use the revised problem posted below. The case materials released for use at the 2014 state competition supersede any materials previously released for use at district competition. To the extent that any questions or answers found on the FAQ portion of this website conflict with the 2014 state materials, the state materials take precedence. The four changes made are as follows:

1. Change to law firm affiliation for Mock Trial Committee member Tommy Santel on page 2
2. Removal of "note to teams advancing to state" on page 4
3. Renumbering of stipulations to correct two number 9's on page 7
4. Correcting song title in Stipulation 12 on page 8

After March 7, DO NOT contact Stacey Shrader Joslin for any competition-related issues as she will be out of the country (and sadly missing her first state competition in 10 years!). We have assembled a great team of folks to assist with this year's competition. Please contact the appropriate TBA staff member below based on your issue.

  • Team Forms, T-Shirt Orders, Lunch Orders: Liz Todaro, ltodaro@tnbar.org, (615) 277-3233
  • Team Hotel Rooms, Other Hotel Issues: Therese Byrne, tbyrne@tnbar.org, (615) 277-3208
  • Overall Competition Issues: Lynn Pointer, lpointer@tnbar.org, (615) 277-3212
  • Questions about the Problem, Exhibits, Rules: Mock Trial Leadership (see contact information to the right)


Revised March 3 for state competition

Team Memo & Deadlines
Updated March 3 (Final Version)

Team Registration Part 1
Posted 2/18/14
Due by Feb. 24
Lunch Order
Posted 2/18/14
Due by March 3

June to July Girl Audio File
Posted 12/2/13
Remains unchanged

Preliminary Schedule of Events
Posted 2/18/14

Team Registration Part 2
Posted 2/18/14
Due by March 3
T-Shirt Order
Posted 2/18/14
Due by March 3
He’s My Still Loving You Audio File
Posted 12/2/13
Remains unchanged

List of Qualifying Teams
Posted March 3

National Pledge
Posted 2/18/14
Email or fax by March 3 or
Hand deliver by 2 p.m. March 14 to hotel team registration desk
Championship DVD Order
See past winners or pre-order this year's round

Posted 12/2/13
Remains unchanged

Exhibit Stipulations
Updated 3/4/14

Explanation of Power
Matching Process

Posted 2/18/14

Courthouse Use Rules
Posted 2/18/14
Email or fax by March 3 or
Hand deliver by 2 p.m. March 14 to hotel team registration desk
Report Card
Due by end of competiton
Copies will be provided in team packets
Posted 12/2/13
Remains unchanged

Explanation of Individual
Award Determinations

Posted 2/18/14

Team Roster
Posted 2/18/14
For use during trial rounds
Should not include school name

Frequently Asked Questions
Posted 2/14/14

Explanation of Sportsmanship Award
Posted 2/18/14

MVP Designation
Posted 2/18/14
Hand deliver by 12:30 p.m. March 15 to courthouse competition desk

• Directions to Hotel
• Map of Hotel Space
• Directions to Courthouse
• Downtown Nashville Map

Sportsmanship Nomination
Posted March 3
Hand deliver by 12:30 p.m. March 15 to courthouse competition desk



Mock Trial Committee Leadership

Joshua Dougan, Chair
Tennessee State High School
Mock Trial Committee
The Dougan Law Firm PLLC
200 E. Main Street, Suite 112
Jackson, TN 38301
(731) 437-0469

Will Holloway, Vice Chair
Tennessee State High School
Mock Trial Committee
Schell Binkley & Davies LLC
509 New Hwy 96 W Ste #201
FranklinTN 37064
(615) 550-2800

Candi Henry, Chair
High School Mock Trial Long Range Planning Committee
Dodson Parker Behm & Capparella PC
P.O. Box 198806
Nashville, TN 37219
(615) 254-2291


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