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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Feb 27, 2014

With primary filing deadlines closing last week, ballots are set across the state for the first round of judicial elections. To educate voters about the importance of fair and impartial judicial elections and how to evaluate judicial candidates, the TBA is partnering with the National Association of Women Judges and League of Women Voters to bring new resources to Tennesseans. The effort, "Informed Voters — Fair Judges," provides information for voters as well as resources for lawyers to make the case for a fair and impartial legal system. The campaign's website includes nonpartisan information about the judicial system, qualities to look for in a good judge, a list of judges who will be on the ballot this year and a link to request a speaker on the issue. The TBA also is renewing its Judicial Campaign Code of Conduct effort this year with more than 150 judges and judicial candidates agreeing not to comment during the campaign on legal issues that might come before them as a judge. Finally, the TBA has created an online information center to serve as a central location for information about this year's judicial elections.