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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Apr 9, 2014

Dear Colleague:

Congratulations on joining the practice of law in Tennessee! This is an important milestone and an achievement of which you should be proud. I look forward to joining you at the Tennessee Supreme Court admission ceremony in Nashville. If you like, I can introduce you to the Court on behalf of your colleagues.

As you begin your new legal career, I want to make you aware of the opportunities and benefits of membership in the Tennessee Bar Association. The mission and work of the TBA for more than a century has been to enhance the reputation of the profession and to advance the interests of our members. A voluntary association, the TBA represents the entire spectrum of the legal community, from plaintiff and defense attorneys to judges, government and legal services attorneys, corporate counsel and a number of attorneys residing outside the state who retain an interest in the Tennessee legal profession.

When you join the TBA, you will automatically become a member of the Young Lawyers Division (TBA YLD). There is no better way to meet and enjoy the company of other young lawyers across the state and to begin to establish the vital relationships that will be of great benefit throughout your career. 

Once again, congratulations and welcome to the practice of law in Tennessee.


Cynthia Richardson Wyrick
TBA President

The following is a list of applicants who were successful on the February 2014 Tennessee Bar Examination. Successful completion of the bar examination does not mean that all licensing requirements have been met. No license will be issued until an applicant has completed all requirements for licensing, including but not limited to, the character and fitness interview and MPRE.

 If you are eligible to be licensed you will receive a “Welcome Email” from the Board of Professional Responsibility in the next few days regarding the next steps in the licensing process.

Letters will be mailed to all successful applicants. Please wait until you get your letter and read it carefully before contacting the Board of Law Examiners with questions. 

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Aliza Gohar Abidi
Frederick Hardy Agee
Vanessa Lynn Alsobrooks
George Blaine Angelopoulos
Michael Stephen Arehart
Bart Edward Ashley

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Dennis Morgan Bailey
Donald Colton Baker
Lance Kristopher Baker
Christopher James Barrett
Taylor Philip Bayless
Sophia Farber Bernhardt
George Andrew Blackburn
Kevin David Bonin
Dana Marie Boxmeyer
Jefferson Lee Brandon
Steven Blake Bratcher
Robert George Breunig
Lori Leigh Brewer
Benjamin Taylor Brothers
Cynthia Louise Brown
Rachel Nicole Bruning
Daniel Buehler
Erin Leigh Byrum

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Brian Allen Caldwell
Laurielle Camille Anne Campbell
Adam Joseph Carr
John Hue Carroll
Timothy Pate Carter
Justine Dow-Jay Chang
Ryan Travis Cherry
Jay Clifton
Amanda Leigh Cocanougher
Megan Ashley Cole
Paige Anne Coleman
Lucy Read Coolidge
Amber Lynne Corn
Michael Andrew Cornwell
Philip John Cramer
Stephanie Gail Crippen
Fredrick Matthew Curtis

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Gabriel Lynn Dalton
Daniel Ray Daugherty
Terri Lynn Daugherty
Jeremy Lee Deason
James Zachary Defoor
Kimberly Ann Dement
Michelle Marie Dresen
Becky Suzanne Dykes

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Chelsea Lynn Edwards
Christina Nicole Effertz
Annie Elizabeth Ellis
Blake Andrew Etheridge

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Alexander Stephen Fasching
Elizabeth Leigh Ferrell
Michael Thomas Foster
James Weakley Fuller

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Meera Amar Gajjar
Lindsey Leigh Gambill
William Lockart Gibbons
Sandra Susana Gibbs
Matthew Ray Gibbs
Christina Z'anndra Gibson
Jenna Vee McGahey Glenn
Lillian Diane Gray
Elizabeth McCoyd Greer
Matthew Jordan Grossman
Susan Redick Gruber
Trent Austin Gullett

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Katherine Parrish Hagenbrok
Christina Laurel Hammond
Parker Scott Hanks
Laura Harrington
Christopher Michael Harris
Emily Anne Hart
Tammy Lee Hassell
Hunter Kelly Hawkins
Julie Carrell Heffington
Timothy Douglass Hewitt
Sye Thomas Hickey
Zachary Thomas Hinkle
Jonathan Alan Hogins
Amanda Marie Howard
Zachary Wayne Hoyt

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Christopher Lee Ivey
Eugenia Alexandra Izmaylova

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Jeffrey Blake Jackson
David William Johnson
Troy Basil Jones
Christopher Allen Jones
Gillian Leigh Jones

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Tiffany Brae Kodman
Robert Paul Koewler
Paul Robert Kraft

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Harlene Jean Labrum
Catherine Callaway LaForce
Rebecca Lane Lashbrook
Jonathan Daniel Lawrence
Mary Catherine Leanderts
Donald Richard Leiderman
Jessica Taylor Levine
Qun Li
Lody Rosario Limbird
Richard Oliver Liptock
Marleecia Lanie Lizarraga
Angela Michelle Locklear
Brian Ingle Long
Melissa Dawn Louthen
Michelle Marie Lubbert
Ronald Wayne Lucarini

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Lorrayne Angelique Mallott
Joanna Lee Martin
Laura Elizabeth Martin
Ryan Kendrick Martinez
Jessica Gilmore McGough
Evelyn Diane McKinney
Michael Joseph McLaughlin
Meghan Kathleen McMahon
Christopher Michael McMillin
Jill Cleary Micai
William Johnson Milam
Crystal Buchanan Moffat
Robin Celeste Moore
Alexis Yvette Moore
Jaymes Dale Moreland

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Kevin Shaun Newton

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Kyle Harlan Ochsenbein
Lesli Paige Oliver
Caleb Watkins Owen

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Casey McCluskey Parker
John Curtis Payne
Daniel A. Perry
Robert Jerrard Pickney
Robert Todd Pinckley
Derek Sharod Potter
Latosha Monique Powell

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Megan Harlan Quillen

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Anette Radonski
Jennifer Kim Reed
Josiah Raymond Reid
Susan Marie Reilly
Paul Eugene Richardson
Jeffrey Alan Risden
Robert David Robinson
Paige Meghan Rogers
Brett Langley Rozell

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Jason Abbott Sabio
Christopher David Santirojprapai
Marie Tedesco Scott
Nancy Jane Bowen Sharp
John Kent Shelton
Charles Gavin Shepherd
Elizabeth Ann Shipley
Corey Bryant Shipley
Daniel Thomas Shumate
Magdalene Leigh Smith
Michael Joel Smith
Danielle Darjenee South
Warren Albert Stafford
Neal Weller Stanifer
Ashley DeSabetino Stearns
Julianne Marie Sullivan

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John Terence Tennyson
Barbara Hawkins Thomas
Spencer Charles Thomas
Ryan Edward Thompson
Kavon Daryoush Togrye

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Matthew Christopher Valley
Ashleigh Melissa Hall VanLandingham
Joanie Lynn Vaughan
Lindsey Jo Vawter
Brittany Love Wild Vick
Nigel Peter Vorbrich

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William Walker Wade
Darlene Maria Walker
Christopher Walton Ware
Ashley Edgar Waters
Erica Te'shae Watson
Samuel Parker Weaver
Ronda Denise Webb
Lisa Pettibone Webb
Erin Elizabeth West
Misty Dawn Whitaker
Edward Kendall White
Rebecca L Wilks
John Ray Wilks
Tracey Vought Williams
Frances Adele Barton Wilson
Samuel Green Woods
Michael Allen Wrenn
Deborah Janette Wright

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Kathryn Lynn Yarbrough
Andrew Tollison Yonchak
Shaina Itkin Zakalik

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Cynthia Richardson Wyrick

TBA President
Cynthia Richardson Wyrick


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