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Posted by: Josie Beets on Apr 15, 2014

The last week of the legislative session is seeing several high profile bills die or finally make their way through the process, though at the end of today’s Senate session, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said more than 120 bills are still pending before the body. Among the proposals failing to gain traction were Gov. Bill Haslam's voucher bill, which failed to pass the House Finance Committee and was withdrawn, and an open carry gun bill, which was killed by the same committee. Measures limiting the amount of pseudoephedrine Tennesseans may buy are headed to a conference committee to hammer out differences between Senate and House versions. Bills moving on to the governor’s desk include a measure allowing the sale of high-gravity beer in grocery stores and authorizing criminal assault charges against women using illegal drugs during pregnancy. The latter issue gained national attention with a story in the New York Times today.