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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Apr 16, 2014

Disability Law Section Members:
I wanted to thank all of you who attended our annual CLE last Friday, April 11th.  It was great to see new and more experienced disability law attorneys, Social Security ODAR decision writers, administrative law judges and other disability advocates who all gathered together to share information.  I am especially grateful to all of our presenters, our Executive Council, TBA Section Coordinator Christy Gibson, and to Kaisha Bond, TBA’s CLE Coordinator for making the event a success.
Administrative Law Judge William Taylor started the day off providing valuable insights, answering questions from the audience and sharing his personal experiences as a Social Security practitioner, trial attorney and adjudicator.  Eric Buchanan shared his Social Security appeal and litigation strategies, reminding us of how important it is to build a strong case at the administrative level based on an understanding of the appropriate administrative rules and federal case law.  He gave us great written materials he prepared.  His materials also included summaries of significant Sixth Circuit Cases on Social Security issues from 2012-2014, written by Cincinnati, Ohio attorney James Roy Williams. Mr. Williams has graciously allowed us to distribute the list to all of the disability law section members.  Click here for the Sixth Circuit Social Security case summaries.  
After lunch, Ethel Zelenske, NOSSCR Director of Government Affairs since December 1995, apprised us of recent developments in the Social Security disability program, including decreasing allowance rates, new proposed rules for the submission of adverse evidence and continuing congressional focus on fraud and error prevention.  She gave a great perspective on recent trends and recurring issues within the media, Congress and the Social Security Administration.  Harold Parker closed the program by engaging the audience in an interactive ethical discussion of ways to resolve practical questions faced by Social Security attorneys and advocates regarding the submission of adverse evidence, work activity, amending onset dates, and duties as a representative.  After challenging all of us with the ethical questions, Harold presented valuable practical information about Veterans Benefits and Pensions and ways elder law attorneys can help clients establish they meet the eligibility criteria.  
Please don’t forget to print a copy of the Sixth Circuit case summaries.  I hope see you at next year’s CLE program.
Thank you,
Janet Mynatt, Tennesseee Bar Association Disability Law Section Chair