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Posted by: Jenny Jones on Apr 29, 2014


The weather was largely cooperative for the Section's Bankruptcy Forum held at the beautiful Buckberry Lodge in Gatlinburg April 4 - 6.  On Friday afternoon, the team of Lawrence Ahern, Retired Bankruptcy Judge, William Brown and Kathy Allen brought us Case Updates, UCC Revisions and Applications and Representing Your Client in Bankruptcy Mediations.  On Saturday morning we divided into three small groups and rotated between exploring bankruptcy problems with the direction of four bankruptcy judges, Marcia Parsons, Paul Bonapfel, Shelley Rucker and James Croom and a mediation role play session with Lawrence Ahern.

The small group environment is unique to this seminar as well as the problem solving interaction.  Everyone was able to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in the Smoky Mountains.  On Sunday morning we concluded our program with a three hour ethics presentation.  The panel of judges led the discussion and exploration of ethics problems.

I am deeply appreciative of each of our panel participants and the members of the TBA Bankruptcy Section Executive Council who attended, wrote problems and are always ready to support the bankruptcy membership of the Tennessee Bar Association.

The next twelve months will see two new bankruptcy judges in the Eastern District as Judge Richard Stair and Judge John C. Cook retire from respected tenures on the bench.   We hope to approach their successors to participate in future bankruptcy forums as we have with Judges Rucker and Croom.

It has been a pleasure to serve as chair of the TBA Bankruptcy Section this past year.  We have an excellent group of members serving on the Section's Executive Council.  I would like to encourage each of you to become more involved and to plan to attend next year’s forum.  A date has not yet been set but should be in April, 2015.

Margaret B. Fugate, Chair