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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Apr 30, 2014

Utilizing a home office has some considerable advantages, including the relatively low cost and convenience for you; however, there are significant drawbacks. While some attorneys appreciate the ability to walk from their bedroom to their office, others indicated that there were too many distractions at home, particularly when the residence is shared with other adults and/or children.

A home office may also present challenges with client meetings, depositions, support staff, and future expansion; however, there are virtual office services that can provide someone to answer your phone, phones, executive suites that can be utilized for meetings, and cloud computing services (such as CLIO) that can make a home office manageable. Be sure that you have a plan for meeting with clients and that you have sufficient phone/networking capability, parking, etc. You should also check to see if there are zoning issues or restrictive covenants that prohibit you from establishing a law office at your home. Generally, the issue will arise if you intend to actually meet with clients at your home, because it increases the traffic flow to the residence.