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Posted by: Barry Kolar on May 21, 2014

Resource Materials/Books available at the TBA Lending Library

While this toolkit contains a plethora of information, it is only the beginning. As a benefit of your Tennessee Bar Association membership, you can take advantage of the TBA Lending Library, located in the Tennessee Bar Center at 221 Fourth Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37129. (For thoses practicing outside the Nashville area, these materials and books can be mailed to you.) Through the lending library, you have free access to several extraordinarily helpful resources, including:

• How to Start and Build a Law Practice, Jay Foonberg*

Solo by Choice:  The Companion Guide – 34 Questions that could Transform Your Legal Career , Carolyn Elefant*

Letters for Litigators:  Essential Communications for Opposing Counsel, Witnesses, Clients and Others, Robin Page West

Letters for Lawyers:  Essential Communications for Clients, Prospects and Others, 2nd Edition, Thomas E. Kane

How to Build and Manage a Personal Injury Practice, K. William Gibson

The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools & Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together (with CD-Rom Supplement), Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell

The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet, 3rd Edition (2), Gregory H. Siskind

Flying Solo – A Survival Guide for the Solo Lawyer, 3rd Edition, K. William Gibson

The Suspect: A Memoir, by John Hollins, Sr. and Jeffrey Womack

The Lawyer’s Guide to Practice Management Systems Software, 2nd Edition, Andrew Z. Adkins

The Lawyer’s Guide to the Internet, G. Burgess Allison

The View from the First Chair:  What Every Trial Lawyer Really Needs to Know, Martin L. Grayson

The Millennial Lawyer:  Making the Most of Generational Differences in the Firm, Ursula Furi-Perry

*These materials have been highly recommended by TBA member attorneys.

Other Recommended Materials/Books
In addition to the materials available at the Lending Library, TBA member attorneys have recommended the following useful written materials:

Tennessee Criminal Justice Handbook, available from the Administrative Office of the Courts

Tennessee Circuit Court Practice, Larry Pivnick

Tennessee Criminal Practice and Procedure, David L. Raybin

The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice, Larry Rice

The Redbook, Bryan Garner