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Posted by: Brittany Sims on May 23, 2014

Attorney J. Eddie Lauderback writes in a Johnson City Press opinion piece that “dark money” should not influence state elections and is an example of politics at its worst. He defines dark money as contributions or political funding, whose donors are not disclosed, usually from some out-of-state special interest group, for the purpose of influencing specific elections in Tennessee. As a lawyer, Lauderback says he is most concerned about dark money being used to influence the upcoming retention vote for state appellate judges, and he disagrees with Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey’s campaign to unseat Chief Justice Gary Wade, Justice Sharon Lee and Justice Cornelia Clark. “Fair and impartial courts are the cornerstone of our democracy,” he writes. “Allowing dark money to influence the independence of our judiciary is a dangerous practice and a slippery slope that leads to corruption.”