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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Jul 22, 2014

The 2014-2015 YLD Board Handbook is being made available in two digital formats this year. Board members may request the handbook on a flash drive by contacting YLD Director Stacey Shrader Joslin. Updates throughout the year will be posted on the board's web page, which is available only to board members. Please be sure to log into your TBA account to access the page. Send any updates or inquiries to Stacey.

Section 1 – General Information

1A. Table of Contents (updated 7-15-14)
1B. Meeting Schedule
1C. Organizational Chart

Section 2 – Board Positions

2A. Officers (updated 7-15-14)
2B. Appointed Positions (updated 7-15-14)
2C. Elected Non-Voting Positions
      * Access the online directory of board members with photos

Section 3 – District Representatives

3A. District Representatives (updated 7-15-14)
3B. District Map
3C. District Representative Duties

Section 4 – Affiliates & Invited Guests

4A. Affiliates (updated 7-15-14)
4B. Invited Guests (updated 7-15-14)

Section 5 – Committees

5A. Committees (updated 7-15-14)
5B. Executive Committee Liaisons

Section 6 – Directory

6A. Board Member Directory (updated 7-22-14)

Section 7 – Governing Documents

7A. Bylaws
7B. Mission Statement
7C. Long Range Plan
7D. Diversity Plan (updated 6-16-14)

Section 8 – Election Information

8A. Election Guidelines
8B. YLD Nominating Petition
8C. TBA Nominating Petition

Section 9 – Financial Information

9A. Reimbursement Policy
9B. Reimbursement Form

Section 10 – Action Plans

10A. Committee Action Plan
10B. District Representative Action Plan
10C. List of Annual Projects

Section 11 – Awards

11A. President's Award Recipients
11B. Public Service Award Recipients
11C. Publication Award Recipients
11D. Star of the Quarter Recipients

Section 12 – Past Presidents

12A. Past YLD Presidents (updated 7-15-14)

Section 13 – YLD Fellows

13A. Fellows Membership (updated 7-15-14)
13B. Fellows Nomination Process
13C. Fellows Bylaws
13D. Leech Award Recipients

Section 14 – TBA Leadership & Staff

14A. Board of Governors (updated 7-22-14)
        * Access the online BOG directory with photos
14B. Board Committee Assignments
14C. Section Chairs
        * Access the online directory of section chairs with photos
14D. Committee Chairs
        * Access the online directory of committee chairs with photos
14E. House of Delegates
        * Access the online HOD directory with photos
14F. TBA Bylaws
14G. Past Presidents
14H. Staff
        * Access the online staff directory with photos

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