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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Jun 16, 2014

For this June issue of the Immigration Law Section Newsletter, I would initially like to thank the authors of the articles, Sean Lewis, Steve Wilson, and Bruce Buchanan, for this newsletter as well as our editor, Bruce Buchanan.  As an outgoing note, I have been the Chair of the Immigration Law Section for the Tennessee Bar Association for a total of three years.  I have served from 2009-2011, and from 2013-2014.  For these years, I have coordinated several projects, conferences, and seminars for the section.  This year, I have arranged and presented seminars with ICE across the state; coordinated a conference in April that brought together agents from USCIS, ICE ERO, and ICE Chief Counsel’s office; initiated work with state agencies regarding creating an SIJS guidebook for the state; and coordinated several CLE programs. My goal as Chair has been to educate and inform lawyers in this section and across the state in current immigration laws and policies, and foster a working relationship with the government agencies with which we work.  I will remain on the Executive Council and will continue assisting in the many projects of the Immigration Law Section of the TBA.

Terry Olsen