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Posted by: Brittany Sims on Jul 16, 2014

The ad wars have begun in the battle for control of the Tennessee Supreme Court and News Channel 5 is reporting that questionable statements are coming from both sides. The campaign for the three incumbent justices hit the air first with a positive TV spot that focused on their oath to support the state and federal constitutions, adding that they "kept their word—protecting individuals rights, the Second Amendment right to bear arms and upholding nearly 90 percent of death sentences." However, News Channel 5 investigators found there was not a single case where the Second Amendment was an issue. In opposition, the Tennessee Forum sent out a mailer accusing the justices of working with President Barack Obama and “refusing to fight Obamacare.” While investigators found that one person hired to work on the justices’ campaign used to work on Obama’s campaign, the latter claim is false since the Tennessee Supreme Court has never been asked to rule on Obamacare.