TBA General-Solo-Small Firm Practitioners Section Supports Legislation to End Professional License Suspension for Failure to Pay Student Loans - Articles

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Posted by: James Romer on Feb 9, 2018
At their monthly meeting held Feb. 7, the Executive Council of the General-Solo-Small Firm Practitioners Section voted unanimously to support legislation to curtail the practice of regulatory boards suspending professional licenses for failure to repay student loans. The legislation, HB1487 / SB1766, was introduced in the House by Representatives McCormick and Powell and in the Senate by Senator Green. 
This has been a concern of this Section of the TBA for several years motivated by the huge investment of time and sacrifice it takes to obtain the education and licenses involved, coupled with the fact that it is sometimes hard to find employment that generates enough income that is required to meet basic living expenses and repay these kinds of debts. It makes no sense to further cripple the ability to repay the debt by revoking the very license that is supposed to provide a vehicle for getting that done.  
The Executive Committee urges its members to contact other lawyers and members of other regulated professions and to encourage them to call or write their legislators in support of this legislation.
—General-Solo-Small Firm Practitioners Section Chair Jim Romer can be contacted by email, or by phone at 931-879-8144.