Kansas Bill Allowing Groups to Refuse Adoption to LGBT Couples Will Become Law - Articles

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Posted by: Jarod Word on May 7, 2018
A bill that ensures faith-based adoption agencies can turn away gay and lesbian couples based on religious beliefs will be signed into law by Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer, The Wichita Eagle reports. Lawmakers passed the legislation last Friday, with one lawmaker suggesting that the need for the legislation proves the existence of the “homosexual agenda.” Opponents call the Kansas legislation needless and discriminatory
The Kansas Department for Children and Families has supported the bill, saying it would provide an opportunity for some organizations that have had concerns in the past. A network of companies that includes Apple, Google, Amazon and other tech firms sent a letter to Republican leaders opposing the bill. The adoption bill is among several that states across the nation have passed or are considering. Oklahoma lawmakers approved similar legislation last Thursday.