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Posted by: Katharine Heriges on May 10, 2018
Charles Michael Clifford of Maryville was disbarred from the practice of law today. In his representation of clients in a personal injury auto accident claim, Clifford failed to provide opposing counsel with his client’s authorization for release of records relevant to injuries sustained as promised and as ordered by the court. In addition, he and his clients failed to appear at a motion for pre-trial conference, and failed to appear for scheduled depositions. After opposing counsel filed a motion to dismiss, Clifford filed a notice of voluntary nonsuit with a proposed order before the motion could be heard. Clifford’s clients were not included on the certificate of service nor updated about the status of the case. The clients were unable to contact Clifford, which ultimately contributed to the clients’ statute of limitations for re-filing expiring. Clifford did not respond to this complaint.