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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Jun 1, 2018

Journal Issue Date: Jun 2018

Journal Name: June 2018 - Vol. 54, No. 6

We had so much fun last year hosting a Fiction Contest that we decided to do it again. Entries increased this year, which was a good indicator that more lawyers are writing fiction and interested. Again this year, the members of the Tennessee Bar Journal’s Editorial Board served as judges. They did not know the identities of the writers of each submission —  they just had access to the work itself.

The rules in the contest were few: the writer must be a Tennessee Bar Association member, the entry could have no more than 3,500 words, and it must have a connection, no matter how remote, to the law. (There were other rules in the fine print, but these were the biggies.)

The top award, which includes a $100 gift card to the bookstore of choice (he chose Nashville’s Parnassus), goes to Nashville lawyer Chris Kelly for “My Courthouse.” Honorable Mention goes to Bruce Poag of College Grove for “Within.”

We hope you will enjoy these stories and be inspired to delve into fiction, reading or writing. Watch for details for next year’s contest!

— Suzanne Craig Robertson, editor