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Posted by: Katharine Heriges on May 22, 2018
Wesley Lynn Hatmaker of Jacksboro was disbarred from the practice of law today. As a condition of reinstatement, Hatmaker must make restitution to one former client. In his representation of one client, Hatmaker did not provide his client with a written fee agreement, failed to perform the work for which he was retained, abandoned his representation, failed to properly terminate the relationship, and failed to refund his client for the work he did not perform. With a second client, he took no further action in the case after receiving payment for his representation. He continued to invoice his client and told his client everything was fine; however, when the court placed the case on the trial calendar six years later, the client obtained new counsel who determined that Hatmaker had done nothing on behalf of the client. In both cases, Hatmaker failed to inform his clients that he had been suspended from the practice of law in January 2016.