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Posted by: Jarod Word on May 30, 2018
Tennessee seniors stand to benefit from a legal settlement that has been tied up in court for more than a decade, Nashville Public Radio reports. The settlement of $40 million stems from a suit involving two failed nonprofits, ElderTrust and SeniorTrust, formed by a major investor in Murfreesboro-based for-profit nursing home operators National HealthCare Corporation and National Health Investors, Inc. The organizations were accused by the Tennessee Attorney General of lacking truly charitable purposes and overcharging for their services. 
A settlement was reached in 2016, requiring the nonprofits to liquidate 14 properties, with the proceeds benefitting charitable purposes that would be determined by the court with help from the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability. The Davidson County Chancery Court Clerk and Master received 26 proposals for the money and chose six, including $13 million for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis, $12.5 million to charities assisting elderly with debilitating dental problems and an appropriation to legal services for seniors statewide.