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Posted by: Jarod Word on May 30, 2018
Despite capacity problems at waste sites elsewhere, most of Tennessee's landfills have enough space for at least a decade's worth of garbage, The Commercial Appeal reports. According to an evaluation published by the Tennessee Department of Energy and Conservation (TDEC), of 31 landfills operating across the state, 13 have more than 25 years' capacity remaining, while another nine have at least 10 years’ worth of space, with only four waste sites having 5 years or less worth of space available. 
Likely contributors to the profusion of space are recycling and composting operations, along with energy-producing incinerators, which divert trash from landfills. Tennessee is an outlier in this aspect as long-term national landfill capacity in the U.S., by some estimations, may drop by more than 15 percent in the next five years. You can read TDEC’s full report here.