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Posted by: Chelsea Bennett on Oct 17, 2018

The Knoxville-based company Curae Health recently filed papers in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Nashville citing massive losses from one of three Mississippi hospitals it plans to sell, the Associated Press reports. They warned employees of a potential hospital closure if they are unable to transfer ownership quickly. The company is highly concerned that the losses they are experiencing at the Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in Clarksdale has the potential to drag the company under before being able to sell the other two hospitals in Amory and Batesville, Mississippi. At least two groups have expressed interest in taking over the hospital. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Charles Walker has set a hearing for Oct. 23 on Curae's request for a quick transfer. The auction for the Amory hospital is set for Nov. 15. However, no plans have been released surrounding the sale of the Batesville hospital. The article explains that five rural Mississippi hospitals have closed since 2013.