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Posted by: Katharine Heriges on Oct 26, 2018
The Supreme Court on Tuesday adopted the report of a Special Master and held Sumner County lawyer Andy Lamar Allman in criminal contempt and sentenced him to serve 20 days in jail and pay a fine of $100. The Board of Professional Responsibility had filed a second amended petition for contempt on May 10, alleging Allman engaged in the unauthorized practice of law and failed to comply with suspension order. Allman entered an agreement to plead nolo contendere to two separate counts of criminal contempt alleging he violated his suspension by taking two new, separate clients, accepting retainer fees totaling $9,000. After a hearing on Aug. 30, the Special Master entered his report on Sept. 6, accepting the plea and determining the maximum sentence of 10 days and a $50 fine for each count was appropriate and the sentences should run concurrently. Allman was further ordered to surrender himself to the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department within 15 days of Oct. 23, or be subject to arrest.