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Posted by: Katharine Heriges on Oct 31, 2018

The TBA Board of Governors on Oct. 27 accepted recommendations from the Operations Committee to amend the TBA Bylaws. These amendments provide clarification of various sections associated with board governance. A link to the most recent version of the bylaws can be found here. The amendments provide clarification and revision to the following sections: parenthetical reference to the “Association," the definition of a regularly scheduled meeting of the members, eligibility requirements for election to the Board of Governors, the rotation of election of Governors, Board authority to change composition of District and Grand Divisions, Executive Committee responsibilities, notice of meetings protocol, Board action on policy recommendations of the House (this item has only been moved to another section with no changes made), eligibility requirements for election to the House of Delegates, responsibilities of Board officers, nomination protocol, vacancies of Board membership and vacancy of officer protocol. The draft revisions will be posted for 21 days, after which the Board of Governors will vote on the amendments at a specially set board meeting. CORRECTION NOTE: The original bylaws proposal attached to this article contained an error. Here is the corrected bylaws proposal